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Kathie Hager

Mrs. Hager's Office Hours

Mrs. Hager is available to help students at any grade level, at any time. Mrs. Hager has an open door for parents from 7:30 am to 8 am most Mondays through Fridays or is available to meet by appointment. She can be reached at or 505) 856-6578 ext. 34720

Behavior Redirector

North Star is very fortunate to have a Behavior Redirector position at our school on a part-time basis.  Our Redirector, Abby Parten, helps students to refocus their behavior so that they can be more productive in the classroom. This program assists students in making good choices and reinforces appropriate behavior. 


Our Mission

The mission for North Star Elementary's Counseling Program is to provide all students with a comprehensive counseling program which is centered around an engaging curriculum that encourages the highest level of student achievement through their growth in 3 primary areas: academic, personal/social, and career.  Your school counselors, in partnership with teachers, administrators, parents and a caring community, will help all students to be successful lifelong learners and problem solvers.


Counseling Services

Kids working together

Elementary School Counselors provide a comprehensive curriculum which is delivered school-wide.  The School Counseling Program at North Star is designed to meet the needs of all students.  The counselors deliver curriculum in all classrooms addressing academic, personal/social, and career development.  Topics may include: friendship skills, listening, recognizing & responding to bullying, emotion management, conflict resolution, and test-taking. North Star Counselors use curriculum from the following programs:

  • SECOND STEP (Kinder-2nd)- a series of lessons designed to reduce aggressive behavior in children and increase their level of social skills and competence. 

  • STEPS TO RESPECT (3rd-5th)- a bullying prevention program which helps students practice friendship-making skills as well as learning how to recognize & respond to bullying.

  • CONNECTED & RESPECTED (K-5th)- provides skill-building lessons and activities that help student develop social and emotional literacy by learning to manage conflicts and respect one another.

Small group (formal) counseling sessions are offered throughout the year as needed to address specific identified concerns of students which may include:  divorce, friendship, grief,  and study skills.  Groups typically will include 5-7 students gathering for 4+ sessions in the Counseling office at a time which is agreed upon with the classroom teachers.  The group session format utilizes a variety of modalities which can include play, books, art, videos, discussion and experiential education.  Small group settings are designed to help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success.

Small group (informal) sessions are often held at lunch time and referred to as "lunch bunch".  This is simply a time for the school Counselors to interact with the students on a more personal level and build relationships.

School Counselors meet with individual students on a short-term basis, when necessary, to respond to events and conditions in student's lives.  Responsive services consist of activities designed to meet students' immediate needs and concerns.  School counselors make referrals to appropriate community resources for students who require therapy or long-term counseling services.

School Counselors also provide indirect services as a means to support student achievement.  North Star Counselors interact with parents, teachers, administrators, school staff and community stakeholders to create a safe, caring environment and promote student success.  Indirect services are delivered through referrals, consultation, and collaboration.

What s Happening

Beginning in 2017, North Star Counselors have initiated a school-wide project using the book, ONLY ONE YOU by Linda Kranz. The Counselors delivered classroom guidance lessons to the entire school using this inspirational story about parents giving their child life lessons using colorful rockfish characters. The story teaches our students that they can truly make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. In our message, we celebrate their own uniqueness!

The Counselors collaborated with our Art Teacher, Vanessa Hoffman, to have the students design and paint their own rock which will be displayed in a rock garden, which will be constructed in the circular planter in the front of the school. Student Council is jumping in to help in our project by providing the physical labor to create the rock garden. We are thankful to the community for their support through monetary donations and supplies. This is truly a community bonding project and we're so excited for our final product to be enjoyed by all for years to come!


Parent Resources