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Important August Dates
Posted 7/12/21

7/30- North Star Office Opens - The North Star office hours will be intermittent from May 24th-30th due to various trainings and meetings. It will be closed with no phone monitoring from June 4 - July 29th. It will reopen for business on August 1st.


8/10 – Meet Your Teacher 1:00-2:00 PM. There will be posters throughout the school with the grade levels and the list of students in each class. This is a great time to bring your school supplies. This is not a time to conference with the teachers about your students—that can come at another time. This day serves as a way to meet the teacher, show the student where the class is and usually teachers have important information to share about the first day of school.


If we can per the public health order we will have different groups and organizations set-up in the cafeteria. Such as girls scouts, boys scouts,  Children's Choice, PTA…etc…



8/11– First Day of School 1st– 5th grade. School hours are 7:45-1:55 pm. Be sure to look at a pick-up and drop off procedures for the school on our website if your child does not ride the bus.



8/11 – Kindergarten Curriculum Day, 8:00 am in the classrooms. At this time, the teachers will go over kindergarten expectations, what your child will be learning, and hopefully, ease your mind because your babies will be well taken care of!



8/11-12 - Kindergarten assessments (times to be scheduled). At meet your teacher and/or at Kindergarten curriculum day, your teacher will set up a time for you to bring in your child for a state-mandated assessment KOT. This assessment looks at developmental readiness skills—such as book handling skills, fine and gross motor skills, rote counting--that kind of thing. This is nothing to prepare for or worry over. This is good information for the teachers and it is reported back to the state.



8/13 - First Day of School for Kindergarten and BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast

You’ll drop off your kindergarten student and PTA will have breakfast items for you to enjoy with fellow kindergarten parents!



Other important August Dates:


8/24 - Curriculum Night, 1st, 3rd, 5:30, 5th 6:00 


8/25 - Curriculum Night, 2nd 5:00 pm, 4th 5:30 pm


8/30 - August Birthday books—all students will receive a book during their birthday month courtesy of Mrs. Smith and the PTA.


**Dates, times, and structure of the above could be adjusted. I will keep you informed.