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Volunteer Clearance Procedures
Posted 8/5/22

In response to state law, the district has updated the procedural directive for volunteering at Albuquerque Public Schools. The most impactful change to families is that all volunteers are categorized as having either supervised or unsupervised access. Volunteers with supervised access must be in the line of sight of an APS employee while volunteering. Volunteers with unsupervised access (out of the constant line of sight of an APS employee) to students must have a full FBI fingerprint background clearance. Any volunteer going on a field trip must have this kind of access. Links have been sent out with information on volunteering but it became clear that we needed to give more direction. Here is the process for completing an unsupervised clearance:


1. Please email Margaret Lucero at margaret.lucero1@aps.eduwith the following information:

· Volunteer Name:

· Date of birth:

· Phone number:

· Email address:

· Street address:

· Last 4 digits of social security number:

· Name of School: North Star

· School Location number: 268



2. SFCS will then contact the volunteer, via email, with payment information and fingerprinting scheduling. City Center is not open for walk-ins and fingerprinting is done through appointment only. NOTE: City Center is not open for walk-ins and fingerprinting is done through appointment only.


3. School Police will contact the Volunteer, via email, letting them know their clearance status. If cleared, School Police will schedule an appointment with the Volunteer to pick up the Volunteer clearance form and report to School Police for a Picture Volunteer Badge.


This background clearance is good for two years and it is good at all APS schools. Once your background check is cleared, you will be issued a badge by APS.


We appreciate you taking these steps to become a volunteer at your child’s school.