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Registration Information
Posted 5/8/23

Dear North Star Community,


It is time for us to start accepting online registration. We have very specific requirements and we appreciate your patience adhering to them. We have these requirements in place in order to protect the enrollment at North Star.

Registration Process 2023-2024

APS is continuing with Online Registration! In just a few steps, you can register your child(ren) for school. You will need to upload or email ( your child’s immunization record and birth certificate ONLY if your child is new to school. 

If you DO NOT have any children enrolled in APS follow the process below for registering your child: 

●      Login to follow the prompts to create a new account. 

●      While creating your account, you will receive an email that will give you a link to complete the account creation process and begin online registration. 

If you DO have children already enrolled in APS follow the process below for registration: 

●      Login to ParentVUE at - Don't have a ParentVUE account? If you run into any issues with acquiring a ParentVUE account, please contact our clerk, Mrs. Margaret at

●      Click “On-Line Registration”.  Select 2023-2024 school from a drop-down menu. 

●      Update your child’s information including address, phone number, email address and emergency contacts. Make sure all the information is filled out completely. 

●      Have more than one child in school? All you need is one ParentVUE account to update all of their information. 

●      You can update your information anytime by logging into ParentVUE. 

●      Throughout the school year you can access your ParentVUE account to update information. You can also verify that the information we have on record is up-to-date. 

●      Available in English and Spanish.

In order to protect our student enrollment at North Star, you will still need to provide the required proofs of residency. The registration will not be finalized and accepted until all proofs of residency are provided and any required documents for new students (shot records and birth certificates) are provided. Once you have completed the online registration process, please upload the required documents. You can also email them to Mrs. Margaret at  If a registration is received without all the required documents, it will not be accepted.

Special Registration Circumstances:


-If your child is on an approved transfer, you do not need to provide proof of residence. 

-If you are a family living with family, we will not process those registrations until August at which time we will also schedule a home visit.



Required Proofs of Residence
**We require proof each year to protect the enrollment and your child’s class size**

-Current NM Driver's License or Current NM Identification Card with current address or Current Military ID.  If you cannot physically get a current driver’s license, you can change your address on the DMV online.


-Property Deed or Mortgage payment receipt or Bernalillo County property tax bill or Current Lease/Rental Agreement. 


-Phone Bill (Land-Line) or Cable/Satellite/Direct TV Bill or Internet Service Bill or Water Bill-must show parents name (All must be dated within the past 30 days). page2image42797696